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*Illustrated for: The Grammy Awards, Hallmark Inc, Ode Magazine, CitySlang Records and Out Magazine, as well as many others.

*Exhibits include: Worcester Art Museum, Kelleher Gallery UK, Society of Illustrators, Last Rites, Mae West Fest and Ohio History Museum MODA, and the Museum of Contemporary Art DC.

*Contributing writer for Electric Literature's blog The Outlet.

*Provided art for various off,off Broadway theater productions.

*Author of Blood and Pudding, a memoir described as Sid and Nancy meets On the Road

* Hosted flashgigs in Oxford in conjunction with Eightcuts Gallery, OVADA, and the Project Room.

*Currently working on the "La Gitana" tarot.


Fancier Version:

Katelan Foisy is a visual artist who specializes in collage and acrylic mixed media paintings.  Katelan studied illustration at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY and started her career in the communication arts shortly after graduating in 2001.  Her fine art pieces have been displayed at The Worcester Art Museum, Ohio History Museum, Mae West Fest, MODA, Museum of Contemporary Art DC, as well as the A&D gallery in London.

Katelan's ruminative mixed media collages often evoke a gamut of emotion through the rich layers and textural combinations. Her illustration clients have included, The Grammy Awards, Out Magazine, The Progressive and many others.  Her collaged portraits and  mixed-media paintings have graced the pages of Scholastic Books and the walls of Young & Rubicam. Ensemble Studio Theater even had her work grace their stage. She was the art-director for Constellation Magazine from 2007-2010.

In 2010 Katelan released her memoir Blood and Pudding, based on her teenage experiences with her cousin and boyfriend. She has read at the London National Poetry Society, hosted flash gigs in Oxford, and released "The Shaman" a spoken word piece with ABEARICA.  Her writing has appeared in Constellation Magazine, Filthy Gorgeous Things, the Notwork, For Books Sake, Electric Literature, and the Red Umbrella Diaries.

Katelan has been featured in NY Times, Elle Magazine, Paper Magazine, Time Out NY and many others for her work as an artist, with and gallery curation.

A natural empath and medium, Katelan created her own form of energy healing based on Native American techniques and applied them into her everyday practices as an artist, healer, and reader. She has been trained in traditional reiki and practiced both techniques as well as tarot at one of the largest Botanica’s in America before starting her own practice 5 years ago. She is co-owner of London Conjure. Katelan comes from a long line of herbalists, mystics, and healers.  She is currently studying Afro-Cuban traditions under her Godfather Ochani Lele and is a confirmed child of Eleggua.  In her spare time she blogs, models, and tends to her garden.  She currently resides in Chicago with her very bad cat named QPI.

Artist Statement:

As a teenager my cousin and I took road trips with no destinations.  We wound up at truck stops, coffee shops, graveyards, and the occasional prison.  During these trips I learned the art of collage, picking up whatever scraps I could find, and pasting them into my journals.

When I moved to NY I became intrigued with the Beat poets and the erotic literature of Anais Nin.  These rich scripts and gritty streets provided me with the palate and textures that would become my art. But beneath the grit there was something pure. I adored wandering the blocks, ducking into churches to get one brief glance at the art painted across ceilings and in windows.  This gave me somewhat of a virgin/whore complex.  Later Dali and Kahlo became my artists of choice, and as I integrated into the city I became addicted to the street art displayed across the buildings.

The streets continue to provide me with visual stimulation and as time progresses so does my work.  I’m interested in the layers beneath the city, the underground worlds, the pulse, and the beat.  I still take trips with no destinations, picking up pieces of memorabilia and pasting them into my art. And I’m still pretty sure somewhere along the journey there’s that pesky complex lying latent in the layers.  



The Grammy Awards


Out Magazine

Saturn Sisters


Kim Boekbinder

Gabby Young & Other Animals

Roller Derby:Rose City Rollers

American Tea Opera

The Progressive


The New Physician: American Medical Students Association

University of Minnesota

Seattle Weekly

W.H. Freeman & Co./Worth Publishers


Catland "Altars as Art Forms" curated and showed (2014)

Last Rites, NYC (2013)

Local Project, NYC (2013)

O3 Gallery, Oxfordshire (2011)

Museum of Erotic Art, Amsterdam (2011)

Museum of Porn In Art, Zurich (2010)

OVADA, Oxfordshire (2010)

WEAM, Miami FL (2010)

Birdhouse Gallery, Austin TX (2010)

Anno Domini, San Jose CA (2009)

Gallery 5, VA (2009)

Behr-Thyssen, NYC (2009)

Art House Gallery, GA (2009)

Museum of Contemporary Art, DC (2009)

Laconia Gallery, MA (2009)

Antena Gallery, IL (2009)

Soulard Art Market, MO (2009)

3rd Ward, NY (2009)

MODA, GA (2009)

Chicago Art Source Gallery, IL (2009)

Femina Potens, CA (2008)

A&D Gallery, LONDON (2008)

100 Grand Gala, PA (2008)

REPOP, NYC (2008)

Ohio History Museum (2006)

Society of Illustrators (2006)

Young & Rubicam (2005)

Mae West Fest, WA (2005)

Worcester Art Museum, MA (2002)

Society of Illustrators (2001)



Pratt Institute, NYC (2011)

The White Rabbit, NYC (2011)

Science House Salon, The Imagination Age and Body Modification (2011)

Fireside Follies, NYC (2010)

Albion Beatnik Bookstore, Oxfordshire (2010)

Poetry Cafe: National Poetry Society, London (2010)

Science House Hybrid Reality: Mapping Cyberlife to Real Life Salon, NY (2010)

Northeast Kingdom, NY (2010)

Bluestockings Bookstore (2010)

Pratt Institute (2006-2010)

SVA, NY (2006)



Electric Literature (2012)

The Notwork (2011)

Warren Ellis dot com - Guest blogger (2011)

For Books Sake - Guest Blogger (2011)

Blood and Pudding (2010) Published by Knickerbocker Circus 

Red Umbrella Diaries (2010)

Constellation Magazine (2005-2010)


Amanda Palmer

Jill Tracy

Dame Darcy

Molly Crabapple

Aemen Bell

Lenora Claire

Bernie Dexter



Edgar Cayce Center, NY (2010)

Beneath the Half Moon, NY (2010)



BBC - Tarot Reader

Cynthia von Buhler's Speakeasy Dollhouse - Lucrezia Guerierri

Cynthia von Buhler's Birthday Party - Tarot Reader

Gemini & Scorpio Swing House - Live Drawing

Dr. Sketchy's - Kali-Ma and Frida Kahlo

Gemini & Scorpio Halloween Masquerade-Tarot Reader & Art Installation

Pretty Pretty Bang Bang - Co-host with Blue Michael Cosmetics and Dina Marie Delicious

Ron English Opening - Cathy Cowgirl

Knickerbocker Circus Social Experiment - Hostess

Larapin Cylde Holiday Party - Model