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Killin' It: New Store

I closed down my etsy shop and created this temporary shop at storenvy. Click the pic and it will take you there.


Crosses Palm With Silver: Palmistry Reading & Original Art

I'm pleased to announce I'm now offering drawn palm readings. If you've ever had your palm read and loved it but couldn't for the life of you remember the entire reading; here is your chance to have a original palm reading and drawing done. Each is as unique as the palm it was read from.

How it Works:

Send me a picture of your palm. This should be done in natural light or with a bit of shade so I can see the lines as well as the patterns on your fingers. It's best if you take a few different angles. Natural light in a shady area works well.

I will draw you a replica of your hand and add in the reading through symbols and findings on your personality type, etc. Then once the drawing is finished I ship it over to you and it's yours to keep and look back upon. A beautiful piece of art and a reading in one.

Drawings are pencil and pen and ink. Painted palmistry readings are available as well. They will look similar to the aesthetic below the black and white details. Send me a sample of your handwriting upon purchase I will throw in a free graphology reading. There's nothing like knowing what your signature can tell about you.

Drawings are $200 plus $10 shipping

Paintings $400 plus $10 shipping



Pimp My Artwork 089: Signs & Cards

I created this sign for my friend and fellow reader Damon Stang. I loved making it so much that I'm now taking commissions for signs, posters, business cards etc. Message me at for prices.


Killin It': Postcards for Prisoners

The postcards for Prisoners project has been doing very well. I've heard back from some people saying the prisoners would like to send extras to their family members. If you would like to send a postcard to an inmate please email either me or with the inmates name and address and we will happily send one to them. Below is a description of the project. If you would like to help you can donate to my patreon which helps to fund printing and postage.

 "I feel like this is God’s will. I feel like I’m the instrument in hopefully abolishing the death penalty forever." - Kenneth Ransom (Azra El-Malik Mohammed)

Those were Kenneth Ransom's last words as he prepared himself to die. He spent thirteen years on death row for a crime he not only didn't commit but tried to stop. Under Bush's regime (Texas in the 80's and 90's) if you were person of color, poor, or Muslim you had no chance. His first lawyer came to court disheveled and unwashed. He apologized profusely for his lack of hygiene. This seemed to be the norm for appointed defense lawyers. Some even fell asleep at the trial. They were often fired due to alcoholism or in Kenneth's case unprofessionalism. The trial went on, lies were told, evidence lost until later. He was sentenced to death row. He was 21 years old. Over the years his fiancee and family rallied together to get letters of support from religious groups, public officials, and everyday people. His appeals lawyer contacted Amnesty International.

The prison itself was described by Pierre Sane of Amnesty as 'one of the most horrifying experiences' in his years of working human rights. The inmates in Ellis Unit spent most of their time in 5 x 10' cells allowed only one visit a month and sometimes at only odd hours by their attorneys. Some were thrown into solitary. They withheld mail, dehumanized them, and then were shocked when prisoners rioted. Although a written confession came in from the murderer, the state said it was too late. Kenneth lost his life strapped to a gurney. He sputtered his last words and inhaled his last breath. At 6:20 p.m. October 28th 1997 he was pronounced dead. He was 34 years old.

The postcards will go to inmates that have been unjustly imprisoned. Kenneth's fiancee and I will be sending some to a forensic psychologist working with prisoners on death row in NC but anyone who would like to have a postcard sent or knows an inmate that would like one is welcome to request one. The front side of the postcard is the portrait of Kenneth. The back is the poem he wrote while incarcerated scanned from the original. Both are posted below. If this goes well we are hoping to start other services such as poetry programs etc. The amount made here goes to postage, envelopes, and extra printing of cards. We have a starting run of 1000.



Killin' It: Luna Luna Mag

I wrote up this piece on being a Dream Gratherer at the Rubin Museum's anual Dream-Over. Click the image to be taken to the article.