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Crosses Palm With Silver: Pre-Register Palmistry & Physiognomy Course

  • Learn how to read the palm and face

  • Strengthen your sense of detail

  • Simple systems and exercises for remembering what to look for

  • Learn to read palms and faces without relying on books

  • Create confidence in readings


This course is a video program that allows you the freedom to learn and explore on your own time. It includes a hour long video discussing techniques and tricks and download of original drawings, writings, and helpful notes compiled and sent straight to you. Plus I will answer any questions that may arise. You will also receive an additional download of the Palmistry color print featured above. You can take as little or as much time as you need to learn these techniques

There are no tests or grades for this course, it is a set of tools to help create the path that works best for you.



 Some images from my notebook for the palmistry part of the course.

Price: $180

Start Date: September 15


What You Need:

Your hand, your friend's hands, and I supply some pictures of hands too!

A journal to document your findings.


How The Course Works:

You will be given a link and a password to the video lecture. Watch it at your leisure. You will also be sent a pdf with drawings, charts, and tips to help you learn to read the palm and face.You can also print out the palmistry poster for a quick guide at any time.

I will also have a secret password protected page with the video and info from the pdf on it.


Terms And Conditions:

Students must acknowledge my copyright of the videos and information booklet and must agree to not copy the material in any medium, including paper, audio, or any electronic methods of reproduction, and not to give their their passwords, share links or booklets in any form. Any student that is found doing this will be expelled.

Students will be given a student number. This allows me to keep track of new and ongoing students.

Payment plans available. Drop me a line


The Caravan 049: Seth Kushner - Offering Up the Night

Seth and I took these back in 2012. He was interviewing me for a podcast for Trip City. We had been mutual fans and friends for years before, brought together by wonderful friends such as Molly Crabapple, Jeff Newelt, Dean Haspiel and Chris Miskiewicz. The day we met to photograph and record I had promised him into Gramercy Park. Inspired by a story of me hopping the fence and claiming I could because my great grandmother lived there. We decided we'd enter no matter what. It was up to me to find a way in. "Meet me at the gate and I'll have the key." I messaged him.

The morning came and I managed to snag a key from one of the clubs for my ID and some personal belongings. I find when you tell a story and there's truth in it that those around will connect to that story. They want to be a part of that story being told. I told them about my great grandmother, how she grew up with Claudette Colbert and how Seth and I were going to walk in my great grandmother's garden.Seth laughed as I opened the gate and we pushed our way through. We had exactly two hours.

We went out for coffee after and he photographed me with my tarot.

"Tell me your favorite card." He said.

"Wheel of Fortune. It keeps me on my toes."

These are things I remember in between tears. Sentences are really easy why your eyes aren't spouting water and your throat closing up. I want to pound my fists into the ground and summon him back but you can't wish someone back from the other side, no matter how hard you are wishing.  You can't rip up the floorboards and resuscitate them. You can't write them back into the pages of an already written book.

All I can do is be happy for the times we had. I can rejoice in being a collaborator, muse, and friend. I worked with Seth on two other projects. We were supposed to do two more. Seth fought hard to beat leukemia. He did it for his family, for his friends, for all those that loved him dearly and deeply. I spoke to him two days before. It's times like this that nothing seems real. I want to call but can't, so instead I reach out to friends and collaborators. We share our stories and images. We share our memories.

Click the images to read the comics.

Seth was a master to work with. I was honored when he and Dean wrote the character "The Tarot" for me. Our shoots went easily with a lot of laughs. He pulled in good people. He was good people. I often told him of projects before I said yes. If Seth thought they were good I'd give it ago. Seth was loved amongst the community. He was loved amongst his friends. If anything shows it look at this beautiful write up by Hannah of Bleeding Cool of his birthday party at Speakeasy Dollhouse.

We never got to do our Burroughs project or more of the costumed characters. I'm grateful for Seth's presence in my life. I'm grateful I got to know him. Last night I walked the streets of Astoria searching for a thought and to calm my racing heart. My iphone does this thing sometimes where it likes to repeat one song. "Tonight Tonight" played over and over as the cool breeze washed over my skin. "Seth would have liked this." I said  giving a blessing to the winds.

Tonight, so bright
We'll crucify the insincere tonight
We'll make things right, we'll feel it all tonight
We'll find a way to offer up the night tonight
The indescribable moments of your life tonight
The impossible is possible tonight
Believe in me as I believe in you, tonight


Killin' It 093: Pythia

"Pythia" a lit reading featuring work that exemplifies the author as oracle.

Pythia was any priestess at Apollo's oracle in Delphi. Her name was derived from "pytho" which was Delphi's original name and also pertains to pythein - to rot alluding to the giant serpent slain by Apollo. Pythia delivered the oracle in a trance like state often talking in code which the priests interpreted.

Invite can be found here.


Killin' It 092: Buzzfeed

I'm quoted in this piece for Buzzfeed on simple ingredients for aspiring witches.


Killin' It 091: Boing Boing

I'm mentioned in this article on Boing Boing talking about fortune telling apps and games.

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