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Pimp My Artwork 089: Easter Cards & Paper Dolls

Package 1: $50

Cards and Dolls Uncut

2 prints of Egg & Deer + brads
1 print of Easter Eggs
1 print of Jumpin Jack Rabbit + brads and string (see below for video fo him jumping)

2 prints of Bunny & Chick cards
1 print of Violin Frog + background + brads

Package 2: $100

Cards & Dolls cut and put together in packaging

Egg & Deer: 1 put together, 1 cracking egg w/ deer, 1 of deer separate
3 Easter Eggs
1 Jumpin Jack Rabbit

8 cut bunny and chick cards
1 Violin Frog + background


Download of All Prints:

Download and print out till your heart is content.

For Personal Use Only

Individual Prints & Dolls:

- Egg and Deer put together & cracked egg plus 2 single egg cards

- Jumping Jack Rabbit put together plus single egg card

- 8 bunny and chick cards plus a deer and egg

- Violin Frog with background


Some Of The Ways They Are Put Together:

Other paper dolls can be found here.


Killin' It 090: Patreon

I'm excited to announce that I have joined Patreon. For a few years now I've been using social media to share the art that I've created and to connect with others who create, appreciate, or both. The industry for the arts is rapidly changing. With the help of the internet and sites like Patreon artists are allowed to connect with their fans and patrons directly. I will keep posting my art publicly and for free. This is a guilt free environment. When you become a patron you are saying "I appreciate you." By providing financial means it makes it easier for me to continue to create without interruption. I'm currently working on finishing my tarot deck to be published this year as well as a few other projects that you'll get to see first. You'll also get to see in progress and process shots. I want to do bigger and better things, large shows, huge events and I want you to be a part of it. So I hope you'll join me on this crazy caravan we call life.  I'm excited about this new venture and hope you are too. Join me! PLEASE SHARE!


Crosses Palm With Silver 038: 


  • Learn the meanings of the cards, numerology, astrology, and symbolism

  • Strengthen intuitive readings

  • Simple systems for interpreting the cards

  • Learn to read the cards without relying on a book

  • Create confidence in readings

  • Finding a spread that works for you

  • Design a personal system to give you a firm foundation in tarot

  • Interact with the cards through meditation to further your connection

With no classes to attend, this course allows you the freedom to learn and explore through five video lectures, twenty-two guided meditations, private group chat, and exercises. You can take as little or as much time as you need to learn these techniques and really dive into the mysterious depths of the tarot.


Using this structure you can embark on your own journey with the tarot as well as check in with me and other students in the private group. There are no tests or grades for this course, it is a set of tools to help create the path that works best for you. By the end of this course you will have both the skills and knowledge to be a skilled reader.



Price: $350


What You Need:


A tarot deck. I will be using the Rider-Waite deck for the lectures. This is the easiest deck to learn from and the most easily accessible.


A journal to document your findings.


How The Course Works:


You will be given a link and a password to the video lectures. Watch them at your leisure. You will also be sent a pdf with a sum up of each lecture as well as exercises to do with your deck. The sum up of each lecture will also be linked to the video


A series of mp3 meditations will be sent to you as well. They are to be used throughout your training.


Each one will help you journey along side the Fool as he leads you through the Major Arcana and introduces you to each of them. You are encouraged to journal at this time and track any dreams. There is also a private group that you will be privy to. Even after you have finished the course, the group will remain open to you. There will be beginners as well as advanced practitioners. I will jump in to answer any questions you have, link you to pertinent articles or just add to the conversation. Although interacting with the group is encouraged it is not mandatory.


Terms And Conditions:


Students must acknowledge my copyright of the videos, meditations, and information booklet and must agree to not copy the material in any medium, including paper, audio, or any electronic methods of reproduction, and not to give their their passwords, share links, pass on meditations, or booklets in any form. Any student that is found doing this will be expelled.

Students will be given a student number. This allows me to keep track of new and ongoing students.

Payment plans available. Drop me a line



Pimp My Artwork 088: Palmistry Print

Palmistry Print: $50 for 11 x 14 with a small white border, signed.


Pimp My Artwork 087: Paper Dolls

This holiday season I thought I'd do something a little different and offer packages. I based these paper dolls on Victorian circus paper dolls. They were inspired by both carnivals and the Coney Island Freak show.

The packages are as follows:


Package 1: 6 uncut paper dolls plus brads and background. $50

Package 2: 6 completed paper dolls, plus background plus one print 8 x 10. $100 (Completed dolls are pictured in the prints.)

Package 3: 6 completed dolls, plus background and 6 prints $200

Package 4: 6 prints $100


Individual prints are $20

Individual Prints

Individual dolls are $10 uncut.

Individual Dolls Uncut

$20 cut and completed.

Individual Dolls Completed


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