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Killin' It 093: Pythia

"Pythia" a lit reading featuring work that exemplifies the author as oracle.

Pythia was any priestess at Apollo's oracle in Delphi. Her name was derived from "pytho" which was Delphi's original name and also pertains to pythein - to rot alluding to the giant serpent slain by Apollo. Pythia delivered the oracle in a trance like state often talking in code which the priests interpreted.

Invite can be found here.


Killin' It 092: Buzzfeed

I'm quoted in this piece for Buzzfeed on simple ingredients for aspiring witches.


Killin' It 091: Boing Boing

I'm mentioned in this article on Boing Boing talking about fortune telling apps and games.


Pimp My Artwork 089: Easter Cards & Paper Dolls

Package 1: $50

Cards and Dolls Uncut

2 prints of Egg & Deer + brads
1 print of Easter Eggs
1 print of Jumpin Jack Rabbit + brads and string (see below for video fo him jumping)

2 prints of Bunny & Chick cards
1 print of Violin Frog + background + brads

Package 2: $100

Cards & Dolls cut and put together in packaging

Egg & Deer: 1 put together, 1 cracking egg w/ deer, 1 of deer separate
3 Easter Eggs
1 Jumpin Jack Rabbit

8 cut bunny and chick cards
1 Violin Frog + background


Download of All Prints:

Download and print out till your heart is content.

For Personal Use Only

Individual Prints & Dolls:

- Egg and Deer put together & cracked egg plus 2 single egg cards

- Jumping Jack Rabbit put together plus single egg card

- 8 bunny and chick cards plus a deer and egg

- Violin Frog with background


Some Of The Ways They Are Put Together:

Other paper dolls can be found here.


Killin' It 090: Patreon

I'm excited to announce that I have joined Patreon. For a few years now I've been using social media to share the art that I've created and to connect with others who create, appreciate, or both. The industry for the arts is rapidly changing. With the help of the internet and sites like Patreon artists are allowed to connect with their fans and patrons directly. I will keep posting my art publicly and for free. This is a guilt free environment. When you become a patron you are saying "I appreciate you." By providing financial means it makes it easier for me to continue to create without interruption. I'm currently working on finishing my tarot deck to be published this year as well as a few other projects that you'll get to see first. You'll also get to see in progress and process shots. I want to do bigger and better things, large shows, huge events and I want you to be a part of it. So I hope you'll join me on this crazy caravan we call life.  I'm excited about this new venture and hope you are too. Join me! PLEASE SHARE!

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