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To check out any of the posts under the specific categories, simply click on the category icon (the type) and you will be taken to all entries under that category.

The Caravan is where my friends and acquaintances dwell.  I'll keep you updated on who I meet, who inspires me, who I'm working with, and what wonderful things my friends have created.

This is where you will find updates on Constellation Magazine and the blog.

This is an old phrase which refers to crossing a Gypsy's palm with silver before getting a fortune told.  Unfortunately today it has become a phrase that is similiar to "greasing someone's palm" or accepting a bribe.  I'm just here to bring it back to the nice traditional meaning which is payment for goods and services.  Here you will find updates to my etsy store.

The phrase Dreams Are Real was originally coined by my beautiful friend Aemen Bell. Dreams Are Real will house images that I find inspiring, memories that remain loved, and secret places and events shared by those around and the ones with the camera.

Photographs of me, what I wore, my little bohemian apartment, and whatever else is around me at the moment.  For all the wonderful people in this world that send me care packages, those images will be well taken care of here. 


Here I'll give anything from advice on how to market yourself to practical candle burning rituals.

All updates, call for entries, and merchandise pertaining to Knickerbocker Circus can be found under this tag.

Gallery shows and promotions, hot new projects, and super punk rock happenings will always be under the skull and crossbones.

paramicha: gypsy fairytales told by a skilled storyteller.  And songs are stories told through music and lyrics.  What better way to share the music that inspires me while I do my work than to concoct a playlist and post it here.

Works in progress and new art will always have a place here.